Hey there! I’m Jill Persson, real-food-loving mama of one, and all around nutrition nut. I inspire new moms and families with young kids find vibrant health, based on whole foods, healthy movement, mindful practices and connected communities.

Born in Sweden, I grew up as the “girl with weird food” in my small corner of Ontario, Canada. My mom was a classic 70s health nut, and her interest in nutritious food stuck with me. I’ve spent my entire adult life honing my skills in cooking and researching nutrition, fitness and health topics.

Now I have my own little family, and still live in Ontario, where I cook lots of yummy, nutritious food, grow veggies in my front yard, and try my best to contribute to “building a village” for my little one to thrive in.

With the birth of my son, I found myself truly grateful for the knowledge I’ve collected over the years in nutrition, movement and lifestyle. When you’re in the trenches of new parenthood, it is easy to put yourself on the back burner every time. But there’s another way: great health is as easy as simple food, smart exercise, mindful practices and connecting with others. Stick around for a while, and I’ll show you how.